Rich, fluffy and delicously filled with cream, our classic swiss rolls is an indulgence bringing back the sweet childhood memories.

Have yourself a tiny donut celebration with little bites of heaven available in 5 flavors glazed with perfection and are exceptional craving pleaser

A traditional Australian delight, this scrumptious moist cake filled with delectable cream serving and covered with desiccated coconut is chef’s speciality & a must try!

Bites of sinfully good creamy delights packed with sweet ened cream and covered with Belgian Chocolate Sauce.

A sweet French meringue-based confection is a delicious combination of crispy from the outside and soft and chewy from inside treat coloring your palate with some sumptuous flavors.

Elevate your tea experience with our Rusk- a crispy and crunchy companion, crafted with the goodness of whole wheat flour and suji.

A classic Turkish delicacy made with phyllo pastry, finely crushed almonds/pis tachios and sweetened with sugar syrup for an enriching indulgence.

Nothing is as delicious as a three-layered Caramel Square made with crumbly shortbread, sinful caramel luscious filling, and a dark compound to satiate your sweet pangs.

The ultimate indulgence of a sweet, fudgy treat that melts your heart & melts in mouth is an absolute favorite & loved treat.

Rich & creamy soft candy crafted with caramelizing sugar with butter, cream and cashews is delicious indulgence in every bite.